Money Step Five

Bricks#5: Tackle Money Problems with a Punch List

I’m a list person. So, just like the punch list a contractor creates when he or she completes renovations in a house, I created my own punch list for eliminating some big money headaches. #1, #2, #3.

I hung onto that list tenaciously, even carried it in my wallet so I could look at it and be reminded of my goal. I tackled the money offenders one by one. It took a few years, but I reached my goal of getting solvent. You can do it too.

After I sold my house, for example,the first and toughest item on the list, I tackled a business line of credit that had my name attached to it. I contacted the bank, kept copious notes on who I spoke to and when, followed up in writing, and eventually settled and paid out the debt. It took two years. Then came the best part: checking it off the punch list.

Next, I wanted to unload a time-share to eliminate a hefty monthly payment for something I never used. So the goal moved up on the list.

I had tried to sell the time-share but did not even get a nibble. My son, Michael, suggested I call the management company and explain my situation. I honestly didn’t think anything would come of my call but I followed up my (many) calls with well-crafted letters stating my desire to negotiate. Within a few months, the management company agreed to take back the deed and release the mortgage. I was so grateful! I even wrote a thank you letter to the representatives who helped me.

I don’t mean to make these steps sound easy. They weren’t. They were painful, time-consuming, and tedious. I felt it would never end. But my persistence paid off.

So, think about what money headaches you want to clean up and get laser-beam focused! What’s your #1, #2, and #3? The power of intention goes a long way.

And now for Step Six.

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