Financial Love Letter to Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is about love, right?

But do you love yourself? Love your money life?

Dear Valentine,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m loving you all over today with a promise to indulge in the most luscious self-care. Not an aromatherapy oiled bath. Not a deep-tissue Swedish massage. But a promise to take to pen and paper or Excel to review this month’s inflows and outflows. Exercise the best self-care! Give time and attention to your own financial needs.

Then, dear valentine because YOU ARE MINE (kiss, kiss!), I’m going to commit my short- medium-, and long-term financial goals to paper.

What do I want Cupid’s arrow to bring me? A medium-term weekend in the mountains with my honey? And long-term retirement goal. I hear you need $1 million to retire, ha! Is that even possible? Yes, it can even be painless if you start when you graduate college.

Be mine! You amaze me every day. What with your generosity, kind spirit, and patience. Your sense of humor, lust for life, and playfulness. You deserve the best self-care in the world!

Self-care = Healthy money habits

Only you can give it to you.

Love, Me

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