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Being Vulnerable – Risk or Reward?

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” —  Brené Brown

In the second grade, I wrote a composition. My choice of what to write led to the discovery of my own vulnerability. Seven years old. I took a risk and learned about myself. Maybe I didn’t understand the concept but I felt its power. It launched my life as a writer. It gave me the confidence to write from a deep place within myself. I wrote about this experience as a guest blogger last fall on Kathy Pooler’s awesome web site, Memoir Writer’s Journey.  Take a read of “As Writers, We are Daredevils.”

Think of yourself. When did you, in your life, take a risk that turned to good? Making yourself vulnerable may have its rewards but comes with fear and can lead to hurt. Yet it can change your life as your heart, sense of who you are, and capacity to give breaks wide open. Like a walnut. I have learned that being willing to be vulnerable is the essence of living. As they say, growth happens right outside your comfort zone. It may not always feel good or safe but vulnerability in relationships can bring unexpected riches. Please share a story about a time you made yourself vulnerable. How did it work out?  I’d love to hear from you.



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