Make Gratitude Work for You

file6211283872981“Gratitude is a tool,” I heard someone say the other night when we were talking about money.

Hearing that gave me pause.  I’ve been so used to hearing the platitudes about gratitude—how important it is to be grateful as a means of appreciation and positive energy that I hadn’t really thought about gratitude as having a purpose.

But gratitude does have a purpose. Gratitude has saved me. For example, whenever I start to feel sorry for myself—for whatever reason—loss, not getting what I want, disappointment, a down day, I have a tool: I can write a gratitude list:

  • A roof over my head
  • Delicious, nutritious food
  • A good job
  • My health
  • Delightful, kind children
  • Loving family
  • A sense of humor

When I look at my list, I feel wealthy.  And it makes me just want to say thank you.

My gratitude list helps me put my needs in perspective and has the side effect of strengthening my connection with my Higher Power and other people. I feel more loving and compassionate when I am grateful

I believe you can be grateful for just about everything. So often the thing we are dreading or think we’re going to hate becomes a blessing in disguise. To see the breadth of things to be thankful for, read the wonderful poem, Thanks, by W. S. Merwin, one of my favorite poets.

Yes, gratitude is an attitude but it is also a tool. So let’s put it to work.

Please share your thoughts about gratitude. We’ll all be grateful.

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2 thoughts on “Make Gratitude Work for You

  1. Meo says:

    Janet, you are so right!
    For me gratitude = positive thinking on every level.
    As I “mature” I feel that possessing both gratitude in my life and positive thinking on an every-day basis is the key to a happy and joyful life.
    Keep the blogs coming.

  2. Lucille diGiacomo says:

    I’ve heard you say so many times how thankful you are even after all your tough times. You’ve put your thoughts into writing so beautifully, as usual. Loved this!!!

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